5 Signs Your Roof Needs New Shingles


Although it might be the part of the home you have the least contact with on a daily basis, your roof is one of your house’s most important features. It’s the first line of defense against wind, rain and snow. In fact, your roof does more than simply provide shelter. Its shingles are specially designed to channel collected water away from the structural elements of your roof (which are usually made of wood), into the eavestrough, and down to the ground through the drainpipe. In order for your roof to do its job, every part of it has to fit together perfectly so it can channel the water effectively.

Working on a roof can be a dangerous job if you don’t have experience in it. Similarly, although roofers make it look easy, getting the kind of precision installation that your roof shingles require in order to do their job takes a lot of skill and practice. That’s why we at Alf’s Roofing in Edmonton want to let you know about these five signs that it’s time to call in the professionals to fix your roof:

  1. Curling Shingles
    Regular wear and tear, improper installation, or violent storms can all make shingles curl up, away from the roof. The space created by the curling of a shingle is a perfect entry point for moisture to get into the inside of your roof. Once moisture in beneath your shingles, damaged or rotting wood isn’t far away.
  2. Cracked Shingles
    Cracked shingles are common after strong storms—particularly those with heavy hail. Like with curling shingles, cracks are another prime opportunity for moisture to enter your roof and attic.
  3. Lost Shingles from Wind Damage
    Losing roof shingles to a strong Edmonton storm is an unfortunate but common occurrence. If, for any number of reasons, wind is able to get beneath a shingle on your roof, it’s only a matter of time before its strength will pry a shingle loose. Luckily, as long as no structural damage has also happened, it’s easy and quick to fix. Roofers can simply replace them.
  4. They Just Look Bad
    When it comes to your Edmonton home, every detail matters. How your home looks isn’t just a way of expressing of your family’s style (though that’s important too). A clean, tidy-looking home will almost always be appraised higher than a home that looks unattractive or looks like it requires a lot of work. A beautiful home is also a financial matter.
  5. Leaks in Your Roof
    It might be obvious, but it should be said. Leaky roofs should never be tolerated. If you see moisture in your home you can bet that the damage in the parts of your roof you can’t see is much worse.

If you need roofers or advice on your roof shingles in the Edmonton area contact us at Alf’s Roofing today.

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