Call Alf’s Roofing to Install Custom Skylights in the Edmonton Area

Skylights are a great way to let more natural light into your home. Unfortunately, they often become the source of unwanted water entry if not installed correctly. When you need custom skylights in the Edmonton area, consider Alf’s Roofing. In addition to roofing, we also install and provide repair work for skylights, eavestroughs, soffits and fascia.


Skylights offer homeowners many benefits, including:

  • Aesthetic appeal: Skylights can help make your home’s entryway more pleasant and inviting, which can be beneficial when it comes to creating more favourable first impressions.

  • Improved visual conditions: Allowing a more even distribution of natural light should enhance the overall visual conditions in your home, and help reduce dependenceS on electrical lighting.

  • A cheerier atmosphere: Have you ever noticed that natural light tends to make people happier than artificial lighting? Let the sun shine in with custom skylights in Edmonton!


Custom-Made Skylights from Mac Skylights™

Alf’s Roofing proudly offers custom-made skylights by Mac Skylights™, which are made to fit any size curb. Mac Skylights™ come in a multitude of sizes, shapes, styles and even colours to uniquely complement your home. Depending on your personal preferences and your budget, you can select from circular, dome, flat, pyramid, flat-top, dormer, triangle, hexagon or even octagon-shaped skylights.


The skylights we install are all triple-glazed to provide reduced heat loss during the winter and solar heat gain in the summer. The frames are aluminum alloy, and the domes are generally acrylic, although flat glass is also available. We also ensure ice and water membranes and new flashings are installed to skylight curbs during our roofing projects to help reduce the likelihood of water entry. We recommend also replacing the dome when having your re-roof done, as often homes still have the original dome from the time of their construction.


Repair Estimates on Skylights in Edmonton

When it comes to custom skylights in Edmonton, it’s best to hire a company with the years of experience to get the job done right. In business since 1976, our service staff at Alf’s Roofing is made up of our most experienced employees with a wide range of knowledge on the various concerns and factors associated with roofing. Whether you need missing shingles replaced or new vents installed, no service call is too small for us. Our goal is to rectify the issue for you as efficiently as possible, in order to prevent future problems.


Contact Alf’s Roofing today for a free estimate on skylight installations and repair work in Edmonton and surrounding areas, and see why our customer service is second-to-none!