Skylights are a great source of providing natural light into a home.  Unfortunately they can often be the source of water enter if not installed correctly. We recommend replacing the dome when having the reroof done as often homes still have the original dome from time of construction. We offer custom made skylights by Mac Skylights which are made to fit any size curb.

The skylights we install are triple gazed to provide reduced heat loss in winter and solar heat gain in summer. The frames are aluminum alloy and the domes are generally acrylic, although flat glass is also available. We also ensure ice & water membrane and new flashings are installed to skylight curbs during roofing projects.  

Eavestrough, Soffits, Fascia

Eavestroughs are crucial for draining water away from your home. If your eaves are too small, rusting, leaking, or improperly sloped you may face a water drainage issues potentially resulting in other issues in time.  We install 5” continuous seamless eaves made onsite. We use 28 gauge galvalume that comes in a wide array of colors to match the exterior of your home.  

We can also install leaf guards for easier eavestroughs maintenance. A leaf guard is a mesh aluminum cover that is screwed onto the eavestroughs to ensure the gutters stay free of debris.

Perforated soffits are crucial for increasing airflow into your attic. Poorly vented soffits can result in a lack of airflow into the attic which may cause condensation and ice damming issues.

Repairs and Service work

Our service staff is made of our most experienced employees with a wide range of knowledge on the various potential concerns and factors associated with roofing. Whether you need missing shingles replaced or vents installed no service call is too small for us. Our goal is to rectify the issue as efficiently as possible to prevent future problems.