Fibreglass Shingles for Edmonton-Area Homes

In a location like northern Alberta, you need a roofing material that can stand up to extreme temperatures and the inevitability of snow. Homeowners find themselves contemplating whether they should go with cedar, metal, or fibreglass shingles for their Edmonton home. But what’s the difference? Is one material superior to the others? Alf’s Roofing knows the pros and cons of each of these options, and for us the answer is clear: fibreglass shingles in Edmonton are one of the best options for strong, enduring roofs.

Let’s look at some of the features of each material mentioned above. Metal shingles are extremely strong and long lasting, but can be more expensive. Cedar shingles are beautiful and totally organic, but they are more labour intensive and among the most expensive option. That leaves of us with our third option, fiberglass shingles.

The Benefits of Fibreglass Shingles

Fibreglass shingles have a base of synthetic glass fibre coated in asphalt and granules. Naturally, they absorb little moisture, and are more resistant to heat and fire. In a climate with hot summers and a lot of snow in the winter, fibreglass shingles are an ideal and affordable option. Fibreglass shingles install easily, and are aesthetically pleasing with a variety of styles and colours available. Because of their durability, a roof with fibreglass shingles can last you up to 25 years.

If you want a roof that will last, but won’t break the bank, one of the best options for roofing materials in Edmonton is fibreglass shingles. Applying this roofing material is convenient in terms of labour cost, and the added longevity and protection are where the difference is felt. A heat resistant material will keep your house cool and your bills lower in the summer. And of course, it’s almost impossible to put a price tag on the peace of mind that comes with a flame-retardant material. Your family’s comfort and safety are essential in all decisions, and we believe that with a fibreglass roof you will have all your bases covered.

If you’re interested in learning more about whether fibreglass shingles are right for your Edmonton home, contact the experts at Alf’s Roofing Ltd. today.


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